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Top Econometrics Freelancers

Hire Top Econometrics Freelancers to work on your Data Analysis for your PhD Thesis or MSc Dissertation, Econometrics Homework Solution and Writing Research Articles
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Profile of Team Lead of Top Econometrics Freelancers

Professor Anees has been leading the top econometrics freelancers at AnEconomist. His experience as a freelancer is amazing with a list of completed projects going beyond 700 in total and with a teaching of more than 100 PhD students.
Econometrics Freelancers

A Statistical Programmer

Professor Anees has been working as a Statistical Programmer since 2010. He has completed more than 400 projects in pure Statistical Programming for academic and business clients in Stata, R and GAUSS.

Econometrician and Data Analyst

As an econometrician and data analyst, Anees has helped more than 700 clients with analysis of time series data, panel data, count data, data on limited dependent variables and survey data. He has been applying the most robust approaches to data analysis with answers to all questions put forward.

Online Trainer in Stata, Eviews and SPSS

Professor Anees has been teaching private and instructor led online courses in Applied Econometrics and Statistics with Stata, Eviews and SPSS. He has helped more than 100 PhD students to complete his courses in Data Analysis for writing PhD Thesis.

Services Offered By Top Econometrics Freelancers

Top Econometrics Freelancers provide complete data analysis, help in writing thesis or dissertation, complete research articles for publications or business research support.
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Top Econometrics Freelancers provide complete Data Analysis to students, faculty and business professionals.
Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Time Series Analysis is provided to students in Economics and Finance, faculty and business professioanals.
Panel Data Analysis

Panel Data Analysis

Economic, Labour, Health and Financial Survey can be analysed using methods for Panel Data Analysis with Stata/Eviews.
Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Data Analysis support is provided to PhD and MS students in Economics, Finance and Business.
Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis of Survey Data based on Multivariate Analysis for economic, financial and business professionals.
Writing Tips: Thesis Statements

Thesis Writing Help

PhD students in Economics, Finance, Business, Management and Social Sciences request thesis writing help.
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Simple Reason to Hire Top Econometrics Freelancers

Top Econometrics Freelancers have been always helping students, faculty and business professionals related to Data Analysis and Report Writing.

You can request for free proposed solution based on your research objectives and data types. Our freelancers will help you with related solutions or you can request a complete solution from our top econometrics freelancers.
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Skills of Top Econometrics Freelancers

Top Econometrics Freelancers are professionally trained and are well known online course provider in Stata, Eviews, SPSS, Nvivo10/11, WinRATS, SAS, GAUSS, Gretl, Minitab, C++, JavaScript and Python. The experts have helped more than 800 clients from around the world in Applied Econometrics and Statistics for research in corporate governance, financial performance, economics research, business evaluation, Value at Risk, Options Pricing, Stock Evaluation, Pairs Trading and Backtesting through the use of above statistical softwares. 

Applied Econometrics Using Stata


Applied Econometrics Using Eviews


Multivariate Statistics and Quantitative Analysis using Stata and SPSS


Advanced Research Methods and Quantitative Techniques


Thesis Writing and Dissertation Writing Mentorship and Supervision


Hire Top Econometrics Freelancers

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