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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. We will assist you everytime you need a research support but within these terms and conditions.

Complete Details Required

To assist you better in research projects, we will need you to write down all your requirements in a document preferably and email is during the project related discussion before you confirm your order. We will comply to these details to produce the results and writing reports or answers and if there happen any change after we provide the output and that does not remain within the scope of the project during initial inquiry, we will charge you according to our rates for freelancers fees.

Revisions of work done

Our freelancers are happy to offer unlimited revisions to the work done if you need until it remains in the scope of agreement of initial inquiry agreed upon and on a fees to mutually agree before ordering addition work (not revisions in the scope of agreed terms). The addition work will be determined based on the written list of requirements you have provided and if the revision is inside the scope of the list of requirements, we will not hesitate to revise the work. The revision should be specified clearly and specifically so the amount of work you need for revision does not go outside the scope of initial inquiry.

Report Writing Support

We do not write thesis or dissertations. We do assist you write your thesis or dissertation within mentorship terms. It included helping you find answers to all questions when you need during the writing process. Yes, we do offer writing of interpretation of results if we have to conduct Data Analysis for you. Our interpretation include helping you complete results chapter for your thesis or dissertation within the guidelines of our researchers.

Data Analysis Support

Our freelancers will conduct complete data analysis to answer all questions you have provided in the list of requirements. This do include additional results that our freelancers think will help you for writing a complete and high impact research report. We will help you get complete data analysis in the software you mention but if we determine full data analysis could not be completed in the stated software, we will use alternative softwares to help you get complete data analysis without additional fees.

Refunds and Fees Reversal

We follow a clear refund policy. As services rendered are difficult to determine the exact fees for a service and we offer a fixed price policy for you to hire our freelancers, if some request for refunds is initiated, we will determine the amount you need to be refunded so we can protect the rights of freelancers as well. We do refund full amount when there is no work done and you have not received anything as output, data analysis or codes related to the agreed requirements of work. We don't charge fees for the sample work done during inquiry. Read our refunds policy in details to know how we determine the amount to be refunded to clients.

Protection of Identity and Spaming

We do not store your identity nor do we send unsolicited emails if you have sent us an email about any inquiry. This also include the promo emails which we only send to the email ids submitted on a specific form of subscription. Your work will be kept safe and secure and will not be shared with anyone in a form that disclose the details of the work done, the identity of freelancers who worked on your project nor your name/address etc to anyone. As we only provide help related to research issues and problems, we do ask you to provide us as much as needed information during the project agreement. 

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