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Refund Policy

We are always happy to refund your money if we could not work on your project at all. Read more about our refund policy in the following. All refunds will be processed within 40 days of requests by the clients and if delayed due to any reason, we will confirm the date of expected refunded amount to arrive in your accounts.

Full Refund Policy

We refund in full if our freelancers did not complete your project and if you claim your money back within 7 days of the agreed date. No refund request will be entertained after 7 days of the agreed date of submissions between you and our freelancers.

Partial Refund Policy

We deal in tractable work done by our freelancers and hence we will determine if you got your work done in partiality. Partial refund will be determined based on the work done as per the list of requirements you agreed upon with our freelancers. We usually refund around 60% or more for all work done following partial refund requests and the 40% is only to compensate the hours followed by our freelancers which you received according to the agreed list of requirements. We therefore request to write clear requirements so you can track the work done by our freelancers.

No Refunds Policy

There will be no refund when our freelancers complete the work done according to the given list of requirements. Yes, in this case, you will get revisions for free to ensure you receive the minor modifications needed to ensure the solution is of high quality. This is in line to the refund policy of more online products because its impossible to determine nor provable that the work done was not of value to the customer unless the customer can provide a legal document duly notarized from court that the work done will not be used for the intended purpose including a written statement from the source for which the work was due to be submitted.
refund policy

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