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Econometrics Diploma Courses are offered by AnEc Center for Econometrics Research. The courses include Introductory Econometrics, Statistical Analysis, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconometrics, Applied Macro Econometrics and Report Writing.

All courses are offered one to one and in private, instructor led and through HD Video Conference.
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Features of our Online Courses in Econometrics

Personalized contents
Advanced course contents
Verifiable Certificates
One to one video conference
Complete Discussions
AnEc Membership
100% practical demos
Weekly Live Lectures
Paid freelance projects
Instant Feedback and Answers
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courses included in econometrics diploma

List of Courses in Econometrics Diploma

Each candidate enrolled for Econometrics Diploma will study the following modules. Also, the students will have to complete a research report in form of a high impact research paper to be entitled for the Econometrics Diploma from AnEc Center for Econometrics Research.

Introductory Econometrics

Introductory Econometrics is the foundation level course in Econometrics Diploma. It is based on the objective to develop the basic of econometric analysis of cross sectional data applying simple linear regression, logistic regression, regression models for count data to test simple hypotheses. 
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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis is another foundation level course to introduce and master our students in developing important types of hypotheses and to test these hypotheses with application of relevant statistical tests based on different types of probability distributions including normal, logistic and poisson. 
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Applied Econometrics

Applied Econometrics is second level course. Its core objective to develop the essence of application of econometric theory to real world cases. The students in Econometrics Diploma will learn with practicals through their first projects to write down a complete research article or industry report. 
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Writing Research Reports

Writing research reports is a must to have skills for all researchers in all fields. Students who enroll for the Econometrics Diploma will have to learn and write research papers and short thesis to learn the variety of academic reports and the objective of this course to develop high impact writing skill . 
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Applied Microeconometrics

For all students in the Econometrics Diploma, it is a specialization module. Students will learn to analyse Panel Data Data using advanced econometric theory. The objective of the module is to apply the relevant techniques to analyse data from economic, financial and other related sciences for writing high impact research articles and policy papers for publication.
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Applied Macroeconometrics

Applied Macroeconometrics is a specialization module for students of Econometrics Diploma. The enrolled students will have to apply advanced econometric methods designed for analysis of time series data for writing high impact research papers and policy evaluation using time series data in the area of Economics, Finance and Social Sciences . 
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Fee Structure For Econometrics Diploma

To earn Econometrics Diploma, you need to complete all the courses through full time attendance in the video conferences, prepare and submit the required coursework and report writing projects and pass these with minimum of 70% of the assessment mark.
Introductory Courses
Introductory Econometrics and Statistical Inference.
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Advanced Courses
Applied Econometrics and Report Writing Projects
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Applied Microeconometrics
Panel Data Analysis
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Applied Macroeconometrics
Time Series Analysis
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Research Article Writing
Practical Data Analysis
Report Writing Required

Private Lessons
Verifiable Certificates
AnEc Research Membership
Discount in fees for students from universities in developing countries are available

What you will get after specializing in Applied Econometrics Diploma?

We designed Econometrics Diploma keeping in mind that each student of Economics and Finance must possess the skill of Econometric Analysis of Economic, Financial and Social Data for Academic and Commercial Research. 

Successful completion of Econometrics Diploma will ensure each candidate has the skills outlined on the right side.

Data Analysis of All Kinds


High Impact Report Writing


Understanding Complex Econometric Models


Excellent Research Skills


Confidence in Explaining Econometric Jargons


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