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On May 13th, 2017

Download Economic Data using Excel

Download Economic Data using Excel

In this video tutorial, we will explain how to Download Economic Data using Excel in one minute. The data can be downloaded from various sources like World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other data providers through Knoema Addin in Excel. The Knoema addin is one of the best and most easy tool to Download Economic Data using Excel. You can download economic, financial, trade, political and data on other related topics.

Download Economic Data using Excel

Follow these steps to Download Economic Data using Excel from Knoema using Excel.

  • Install the word plugin from Office Store.
  • The plugin can be downloaded from this link: Office Knoema Data Finder
  • Once the Data Finder tool is opened, you can save it to some location on your computer for future use.
  • Once plugin is installed in Excel, you should make sure it is allowed for access internet becaude we will need to download the data directly in Excel while the system should be connected to internet to access Knoema website.
  • Then open Excel and start the Knoema Data Finder tool.
  • It will show a side bar at right side allowing you to search any variable. Many sources will be given to select your data from. Select your preferred source of data on the given variable.
  • Click on the link. It will begin processing to download the data on the given variable from the selected source.
  • You can see in less than a minute, the required data on the selected variable will be downloaded. To add another variable, we should select the first cell of the empty row at the bottom of previous downloaded data or on a new excel sheet. I personally recommend to use a new sheet so any mixing of data between different sessions can be avoided.

The following video tutorial is only recorded to help you do the above practical in simple sessions. You can request us for custom download of any Economic and Financial data. We are happy to provide both free and paid support in making data availability from different sources. Watch the video tutorial now.

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