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Applied Econometrics Research Courses

Private, Instructor Led and Online Course in Applied Econometrics Research For PhD and MS students in Economics and Finance, Fresh Graduates and Faculty Members
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Applied Econometrics Research

PhD students in Economics, Finance, Business and Social Sciences are recommended to enroll for Applied Econometrics Research course to write their PhD Thesis or High Impact Research papers for publications with complete research mentorship.
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Private and
Instructor Led  Online Courses

AnEc Center for Econometrics Research offer courses in Applied Econometrics, Advanced Econometric Modeling and Quantitative Research. All courses are private and instructor led. Each candidate after completing the course will receive a verifiable certificate from AnEc Center.

Advanced Econometric Modeling

Advanced Econometric Modeling is recommended course for PhD in Econometrics and Finance. The course covers recently developed and highly appreciated econometric methods with practical and high impact research paper writing.
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Advanced Research Methods

PhD Students in Economics, Finance, Business and Management, Social Sciences and Political Economy are recommended to enroll for Advanced Research Methods and write their thesis with publication quality papers. 
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Financial Econometrics

Financial Econometrics is the top module for students in Finance and Investment to develop quantitative skills in analysis of Data from stock markets, exchange rates, prices, commodity swaps and gold prices.
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Stata + Eviews

Stata + Eviews is our most favorite online course for students in Economics and Finance who begin their research career and need to learn time series analysis and panel data using Stata and Eviews.
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Econometrics Courses

Providing private and instructor led econometrics courses aims to develop the basic research skills needed for PhD and MS students to write high impact research reports and thesis based on Data Analysis using a statistical software...
Really impressed by the style of explanation and example based tutorials from Professor Anees. Highly recommended courses.
Michael Todd, PhD Candidate in Economics, USA
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Advanced Econometric Modeling

Applied Econometrics Research and Advanced Econometric Modeling are our specialization modules to PhD students in Economics and Finance. We also offer the following courses to candidates upon special requests from students, faculty and business professionals

Econometrics Research Modules

Advanced Econometric Modeling using Stata, Eviews, R, RATS, Matlab, Gretl, JMulti and GAUSS 
Applied Econometrics Research using Stata, Eviews, R, Gretl, JMulti, R and Matlab
Financial Econometrics using Stata, Eviews, R and Matlab for students of MS and PhD Finance
Stata + Eviews for Econometric Time Series Analysis and Panel Data Analysis for MS Students in Economics

Advanced Research Methods Courses

Multivariate Statistics for MS and PhD students in Behavioural Finance, Business and Social Sciences
Quantitative Analysis of Social and Business Surveys for students of Finance, Management and Social Sciences 
Business Statistics for Business Professionals To Analysis Business Surveys and Industrial Databases
Advanced Research Methods for students of Economics, Finance, Business, Management and Social Sciences

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Private Online Course

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Classroom Courses

Enroll for public modules in Applied Econometrics Research and Data Analysis

Research Based Course

Request Research Based Courses and Mentorship to Write Your Thesis

More Than 100 PhD Graduates

We are proud to announce that we completed research supervision on private basis to More than 100 PhD Graduates in Economics, Finance, Business and Management, Political Economy, Health Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Economics, Labour Market Analysis and Social Sciences.
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