Free Sample Freelance Project Proposal

Dear Client,
Before you verify my following resumed profile from any source online, I can attest these through a trial before you decide and buy my proposal. Send me your data and I will create a proposed solution based on the structure of your data. Once you review this solution, I am sure, the following profile will be verifiable from AnEconomist or LinkedIn as well.
I would be happy help you get a 100% satisfaction through the following process of our working:
1. You send your data and objectives.
2. I create a proposed solution for verification of my candidacy.
3. You buy my proposal and I begin the work.
4. I submit regular progress report on each step of the work and you review it before final submission.
5. I modify the previous and future work according to your interim review.
6. I finish the analytics, reports, interpretation and you once again review everything.
7. You get a 100% satisfaction through quick communication
(yes, I got a delay in a project due to an emergency but see, the details, the clienty verify my skills are excellent).
Now more about me:
As a member of Data Science Central (DSC), American Economic Association (AES), Royal Economic Society (RES), International Health Economics Association (iHEA) and The Econometrics Society, I have been working closely with top academics in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics and Research Methods. Also, I am providing supervision in Applied Econometrics and Statistics to PhD candidates in Project Management, Business Management, Finance, Corporate Governance and Social Sciences.
I am professionally trained and the highly recogized online course provider in Stata, Eviews, SPSS, Nvivo10/11, WinRATS, SAS, GAUSS, Gretl, Minitab, C++, JavaScript and Python. I helped more than 300 clients from around the world in applied econometrics and statistics for corporate governance, financial performance, economics research, business evaluation, Value at Risk, Options Pricing, Stock Evaluation, Pairs Trading and Backtesting through the use of above statistical softwares. It is backed by my education in economics, statistics and econometrics from The University of Sheffield, UK.
I have a teaching and academic research experience of more than 11 years at a QS Ranked University. I teach modules in Economics, Statistics, Econometrics and Quantitative Analysis. Key themes and topics of my teaching are Qualitative Data Analysis, Factor Analysis, Principle Component Analysis, Power and Sample Size determination for Survival Studies, Analysis of Open ended surveys and interviews, Multivariate Time Series techniques in VAR/VECM, VARX, SVAR, Multivariate GARCH, ARDL and Bayesian Multivariate Time Series Methods. So far, more than 70 PhD and MS/MRes candidates completed their courses in Applied Econometrics and Applied Statistics under my supervision.
I welcome you to explore the above factors of my skills and experience from Econometricians Club and AnEconomist. I would also like a free demo in any course in the list, a proposed solution for your project using your own data and I will ensure you get the best outcome for your course or project on freelance terms and conditions.
Muhammad Anees
Assistant Professor
Founder Econometricians Club
Founder AnEconomist
Founder Stata Pro Help

Free Survey, Free Online Survey, Free Online Survey Questionnaire

LimeSurvey is the best online survey tool, free online survey tool and free online survey questionnaire building tool. We are proud to help you use LimeSurvey for your academic research. We will help you use LimeSurvey online survey tools for free and to the best of its capabilities for data collections. LimeSurvey offers you everything you need for collecting data through online questionnaire with unlimited responses and with all posisble question types. The full features of online survey tools from LimeSurvey can be found here.

Some of the features, online survey tool from LimeSurvey offers include but are not limited to
Unlimited number of surveys at the same time Unlimited number of questions in a survey (only limited by your database), Unlimited number of participants to a survey, Multi-lingual surveys,User-management,28 different question types with more to come,WYSIWYG HTML editor,Quotas management,Integration of pictures and movies into a survey,Creation of a printable survey version,Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching),Piping and Micro-tailoring using a powerful expression engine, Re-usable editable answer sets,Ready-made importable questions & surveys,Assessment surveys,Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey,Open and closed group of participant surveys,Optional public registration for surveys,Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email,Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time,Cookie or session based surveys,Template editor for creating your own page layout,Extended and user-friendly administration interface,Back-office data entry possibility,Survey expiry dates for automation,Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel format,Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility,Screen Reader Accessiblity,W3C compliance,A detailed manual is available in several languages in our Online Manual.

You can request a free LimeSurvey account with us using our servers for free use for academic research and data collection.

How to Create Effective Online Survey Questionnaire

There is a lot of thinking and work behind creating online questionnaires. We need to create effective online questionnaire for collecting most responses. The user of online surveys should feel the questionnaire is engaging. To create an online survey that demands responses with interest should include the following key points:

1. Clearly explain the objectives of the online survey and select the target audience clearly.
2. Do not include the irrelevant questions and confusing terminologies in the online surveys.
3. Your questions should be grouped and should be specific and closed ended. Do not ask the respondent to do anything before
4. Select the the type of question cleverly on your end and make it simple for respondent. The questions should be consistents within the group. Dont make irrelevant questios a part of a group.
5. Clearly label and make a realistic order of the questions. Dont put random questions. Your questions should all belong to a specific group and all the questions to convicing the audience to respond for the next question interest. This is what we should consider a Logical ordering of the question will play its role in convincing your respondents to happily fill out your questionnaires.
6. Make sure, your questionnaire is technically and academically relevant and correct. It is helpful for you and some respondents might find it flawed so they might not respond. Hence, give a deal of great care for creating your online survey tool as best as it should be academically. You can test the survey tool before publication or some expert opinion from your seniors might help you get the improved questionnaire. This will also add an interest to technically aware respondents about online survey tools.
7. You should carefully select your audience. Send the online survey tool with great care, expectations and ensure the audience is convinced of the tool will help them learn something indirectly. Offer them an aknowledgment in advance and describe your online survey tool and questionnaire in simple and interesting words to make sure the research is unique, interesting and valuable. Dont just request for response but also offer them a summary of statistics for free in return through their contact details. You can send them a copy of interesting results in form of a newsletter if you cannot share your full research.
8. Yes, remind your respondents because some respondents might have missed your earlier communication due to their own reasons. The reminder should be excellently prepared and should not enforce the audience to respond.
These tips have been prepared while working on online survey tools creation, developing customized questionnaire using LimeSurvey for the last Five years. This guide also is motivated by the questions and discussion we have with our research students about their research questionnaires.
Watch the video tutorial to create your first survey after getting your survey account.