Top 5 Freelancers in Econometrics and Statistics

Do you wish to get support from Top 5 Freelancers in Econometrics? Yes, we do. It is one of the key question and commonly responded answer by our clients which has motivated us to recommended our top 5 freelancers in Econometrics and Statistics for you to ask them solve problems in data analysis or writing statistical reports for you. The econometrics freelancers are working as full time professors and consultants with us and we have been creating highest quality research solution for students, academic research staff and business researchers. Lets us help you find and hire top 5 freelancers now.

Top 1:  Muhammad Anees

Muhammad Anees is Assistant Professor in Economics and Econometrics. He has specialized in Applied Econometrics, Stata, Eviews, SPSS, AMOS, R Programming and Matlab. He has completed more than 1000 Research Projects for individuals and corporations with more than 99% success rate. He was ranked Top 1% Econometrics Freelancer on Elance from 2012 to 2014. Then after, he established his own freelance portal. Hire him for solving all your econometrics problems here.

Top 2: Muhammad Moiz

Moiz is a specialist researcher in Finance and International Trade. He has completed his masters in International Trade and Finance from Turkey. He has been a great freelance writing of technical report writing in the area of Economics, Finance and Trade Pattern across countries. You can request him to write a technical review of literature and business reports here.

Top 3: Moeen Raza

Moeen Raza has completed his Masters in Project Management and MBA in HRM. He has been an excellent freelancers in writing technical reports in Project Management and Research Reports in HRM. His thesis was based on qualitative research and he works on transcription and thematic research designs in the area of Project Management and  Human Resource Management. Request him to work for you on any project in the area of HRM and Project Success.

Top 4: Reese Javier

Reese Javier is our most excellent freelancer in Data Analysis and programming in R. He has completed his Masters in Statistics from Brunel University in UK. He has been working on all projects in R programming in the area of Statistical Analysis of business data and data visualization. Submit your data and project requirements to be completed by Reese here.

Top 5: Dong Fie

Graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dong is our top freelancer in Statistical Computing. He has great programming skills in JavaScript, R programming and Matlab. He has completed a degree in Finance and Mathematics. Dong has completed more than 400 projects in the area of Financial Engineering, trading strategies and application development for trading strategies for our clients. Submit your requirements here to get freelance project support from Dong.

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Why to Select Econometrics Specialists?

All econometrics specialists well aware of the theories of economics related to consumer behaviour, market structure and macroeconomic systems. The econometrics specialists usually work within these domains of economic thinking and plays with the data tools on daily basis. The problems and recent issues are well in their lines of duty because they are the main force within the organizations and teams to define the system for the evaluation and prediction of the future uncertain events to a greater extent. With this simple background, econometrics specialists usually work within the quality agreements and deadlines for each project and hence our econometrics specialists offer 100% gauranteed satisfaction for each project to each client.

Econometrics Specialists, ranked among the top 1% freelancers in,,, and have completed projects in the following areas. See more specific details about the projects detals and reviews for each project at our workplace here. The list is compiled for reference only to show you what kind of freelance skills have been acquired by the for your convinience.

  1. Stata programming for econometric analysis
  2. Econometric Analysis
  3. Time Series Analysis for Economic Data using Eviews
  4. Econometric Analysis using Eviews
  5. Forecasting using Stata
  6. Forecasting using R
  7. Forecastiing using Excel
  8. SSA using JavaScript
  9. Sales Forecasting
  10. Panel Data Analysis
  11. Pricing System Analytics and using Nonlinear Regression Models in Stata
  12. Selecting of Instruments and GMM Regression using Stata Loops
  13. Stata Programming for Healthcare Analytics
  14. Healthcare Analytics for Insurance Premiums through Logistic Regression/Odds Ratio/Marginal
  15. Education Research, Qualitative Data Analysis using Nvivo10
  16. PhD Econometrics Supervision in Econometrics for Healthcare
  17. Data Analysis using R for Public Health Research
  18. Developing PHP based Chi-Square tests using A/B Test Approach in WebAnalytics
  19. Teaching Econometrics using Stata to PhD class
  20. Political Economy and Financial RiskMetrics using Stata
  21. Testing Endogeneity in Panel Data using Stata
  22. Developing a do file for Dynamic Analysis of Data using Correlation and Regression across industries.
  23. Solving custom questions in Econometrics using Stata
  24. Solving custom questions in Econometrics using Eviews
  25. Statistical Analysis of Education data using SPSS
  26. Application of SEM using Stata to Marketing Survey
  27. Application of SEM using Stata to Students Admissions and Droppout Data
  28. Application of SEM using AMOS/SPSS and SEM using Stata for Business Research
  29. Qualitative Analysis of HR Interviews using Nvivo10
  30. Teaching Qualitative Analysis using Nvivo10 to PhD in Organizational Management and HR
  31. Developing Econometric Toolbox using Stata
  32. Econometric Analysis of Brain Drain data using Eviews and Stata
  33. Analysis of Corporate Governance and Financial Performance using Stata for Panel Data (Note, this has been ordered by more than 10 PhD candidates and all have completed their thesis with highest achievements).
  34. Analysis of HR data using SPSS and application of Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis/SEM
  35. Partial Least Square using SmartPLS
  36. Moderation SEM using WarpPLS
  37. ANOVA using SPSS for Web Analytics

Econometrics Specialists Skills and Experience

Econometrics Specialists are fully committed to complete each project. Our committment is fully supported by our academic and professional experience and the technical skills in Econometrics and Statistics with Stata, Eviews, SPSS, R, Nvivo10/11, Python, Matlab, Minitab, SAS, RATS, Gretl and HLM. In the following, we can only sum up our experience in the keywords for you.

  1. Assistant Professor in Econometrics and Statistics
  2. Assistant Professor in Economics
  3. Assistant Professor in Research Methods
  4. Assistant Professor in Quantitative Techniques
  5. Professionally trained in Stata, SPSS, R, Matlab, Minitab, RATS, SAS, Excel for Econometrics, Eviews
  6. Professionally trained in Research Methods, Writing Styles, Idea Generation and Publication Management
  7. Professional trainer in Data Analysis using Stata, SPSS and Eviews
  8. Freelance Econometrics Specialist since 2009
  9. Completed more than 500 projects specifically as Econometrics Specialist

Stata Homework Solution

As experienced academics and freelancers in Stata, Econometrics and Statistics, having seens homework questions from around the countries, we understand there a few differences among the requirements for many different types of Stata homework and assignments. In this tutorial, we are offering a step by step guide to best solve any Stata homework or other problems. In case, you have technical problems in Stata, we can help you get the Stata Homework Help for better understanding the solutions. Ask our econometrics and statistics for additional guides to ensure you learn all the details of the contents from the Stata Homework and related learning objectives for Statistics or Econometrics.

There are many agencies around the internet with uncertain system of providing solutions for many questions related to Stata homework. We, provide a complete solution each Stata Homework with an academic aim that helping to learn the difficult parts of programming for Stata homework helps a student get more benefits from the Stata homework compared to mere buying already completed solutions for Stata homework. Our academic experts in Statistics and Econometrics provide complete Stata homework help and you can ask for a complete tutorial on each question for your Stata homework to make sure you learn everything related to the Stata homework, Econometrics or Statistics.

There can be difference in opinion on how to get best grades by doing Stata homework, but our experience as academics, researchers, freelancers and stata homework solution provides to more than 400 graduate and bachelor students in Economics, Statistics and Business studies reveal that best grades can be ensured through the following key process. It can be completed independently to answer all questions of the Stata homework or you can request our top ranked freelancers in Stata and Statistics to help you solve the difficult part of answering all questions in Stata homework related to programming and writing do files in Stata. Follow the steps outlined below to get a best mark on each of your Stata homework:

  1. Clearly define your objectives of the course before submitting your Stata homework to seek guidance or if you wish to learn to do it.
  2. Make sure you provide the full data clearly labbeled and annotated in Excel or Stata.
  3. The variables should be clearly labelled and named.
  4. The lecture notes related to the Stata homework should be provided. Each professor wish to see his students follow his lessons and that they follow additional readings to learn.
  5. This needs you should highlight what specific book, research article or any tutorial on the web was referred to by the professor before givin you the details of Stata homework.
  6. Make sure you provide the lab and workshop details, data and codes already used by the professor or workshop instructor before you got your Stata homework.
  7. You should clearly specify the final date of submission of the assignments so we can set the deadline two days before the final date of submission of Stata homework. This is to ensure we complete the revisions if you need if your professor is willing to provide initial feedback on the solutions of the Stata homework
  8. You should specify the budget for the solution of Stata homework so we can send a clear proposal related to deadline, proposed solution and the fees for your Stata homework. This helps in making sure a complete agreement is settled between you and our freelancers.
  9. You should feel free to request revision. We are always happy to provide revision on selected work related your Stata homework.
As we wish you get a higher mark on your Stata homework, we are always happy to accept Stata homework request related to working on Stata programming or related do files. We will provide complete code, complete results, complete outputs, complete tutorials in replicating the work for you on your own computers and complete answers to any questions you wish to be answered related to your Stata homework.
Now, dont hesitate to send us your Stata homework problems to be discussed. Submit your request for a free quote in proposed solution for your Stata homework.
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