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Topic Selection For PhD Thesis
Suggestions On Topic Selection For PhD Thesis Advertisements Advertisements
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Short Run Asymmetries using NARDL
In this simple tutorial, we will explain how to test for Long Run and Short Run Asymmetries using NARDL while using Eviews 10. We will also record a small video to describe these steps to help you learn the basics. We wish to say here that this method should be verified through the reading of […]
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Dynamic Multipliers and NARDL using Eviews
Read this basic tutorial on Dynamic Multipliers and NARDL using Eviews and watch the video tutorial of the same on YouTube. We hope this simple tutorial will also be used for many to begin their journey as Econometrics professionals in academic and financial industries. The tutorial was recorded by one of our top econometrics experts at […]
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ARDL Bounds Test using Eviews
The tutorial on ARDL Bounds Test using Eviews is present here. In this guide, we will show you how to produce the Bounds Test F statistic and how to interpret it. The main point of this short tutorial is the interpretation as the estimation of test statistic is as same as this article. So we repeat […]
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SVAR using Stata
SVAR using Stata is commonly debated topic in time series econometrics on social media. The steps for SVAR estimation in Stata are simple to follow. In this tutorial, we will show you to estimate SVAR using Stata both using the Menus and Codes. As we personally prefer Stata for econometric analysis, it is not a […]
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How to run ARDL using Stata
In this tutorial, we will provide you a simple guide on How to run ARDL using Stata for beginners. The tutorial also discusses the basics of when to use ARDL and when to use Johansen Cointegration Test. This tutorial is based on three parts which shows how to install a code like -ardl- in Stata, how […]
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ARDL Lag Selection Criteria
ARDL Lag Selection Criteria has been questioned by many in different ways on social media. We would like to highlight two important issues in answering a question related to ARDL Lag Selection Criteria or related to lag order selection for any other autoregressive or cointegration tests. In this tutorial, we will first show a stepwise tutorial […]
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Estimating ARDL Model using Eviews
Estimating ARDL Model using Eviews is a common topic of today. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to the steps of Estimating ARDL Model using Eviews and writing an effective results chapter for your thesis or research paper. The demonstration of estimation is carried in Eviews 10 and will be similar in Eviews 9 as […]
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Impact of Social Media on PhD Research Quality
In this article, we will summarize the key observations on an important topic of Impact of Social Media on PhD Research Quality. Social Media has both challenges and benefits for the learning industry in general and PhD research more specifically. The follow is a list of our observations from our students engagement and the outcomes for research […]
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Social Media and Research Quality
Social Media and Research Quality is really a high value topic for today's researchers. I strongly recommend the young researchers to plan their use of social media because it can be very useful or extremely dangerous at the same time. The role of social media in learning is really a value addition today as many […]
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Solution Manual Panel Data Analysis Wooldridge
This Solution Manual Panel Data Analysis Wooldridge is the essential companion to the second edition of Jeffrey Wooldridge's widely used graduate econometrics text. The text provides an intuitive but rigorous treatment of two state-of-the-art methods used in contemporary micro economic research. The numerous end-of-chapter exercises are an important component of the book, encouraging the student […]
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Solutions Manual for Econometrics
Solutions Manual for Econometrics to match the Fifth Edition of the Econometrics textbook can be purchased here. We will also offer a free copy if you enroll for our Online Course in Advanced Econometric Modeling at AnEc Center for Econometric Research. Request Freelance Data Analysis for Writing Thesis or Dissertation Features of Solutions Manual for Econometrics Offers […]
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EViews 10 Enterprise Edition Full Crack
EViews 10 Enterprise Edition Full Crack, EViews (Econometric Views) is an advanced statistical software package, used mainly for time-series oriented econometric analysis and statistical analysis. EViews offers a variety of tools for forecasting, modeling, econometric, and statistical analysis for students, academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and more. Through an innovative and easy-to-use object-oriented interface, you […]
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Stata 15 Full Download
Stata 15 Full Download provides panel-data models. In panel-data models appropriate here, the info happen in sets of findings that share one thing in typical that is modeled as unobserved impacts which are random. Stata Mac Offers everything for the users UN agency works in many totally different fields and needs graphics, information management, and […]
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Writing Effective PhD Thesis
Writing Effective PhD Thesis is always a desire of each newly inducted PhD or Research student. But the outcome does not happy at the end to match this desire because of some key reasons. We are going to summarize these observations from our experience of helping more than One Hundred and Fifty PhD students in […]
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Visualmodo Premium WordPress Themes - build a website 3
Visualmodo Premium WordPress Themes are our selected WordPress Theme Builders for our next project in Analytics System Development. As we believe, online business needs the best output to showcase itself, we confirmed that Visualmodo Premium WordPress Themes will provide the solution anyone would like to develop for the online business. One of the first things you need […]
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Best Practices in Research Methods
Best Practices in Research Methods is a summary of our observations of the working and learning attitudes of our professors, consultants and research students who create impressive research impact. We are sure following these tips, everybody can define a self-brand within the area of Analytics and Research. The skills thus required are easy to list […]
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Problems in writing PhD Thesis
Do you have Problems in writing PhD Thesis? In this simple note, we will share our core tips on how to solve such problems to create an effective plan and solve these issues in time to complete PhD Thesis with high impact. These problems are mainly related to planning and skills building approach of the scholars […]
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Health Econometrics Project Support
Health Econometrics Project Support from AnEc Center is now open for applications from potential clients and organizations who need specialists consultants to work on their healthcare analytics and report writing. Healthcare Econometrics Projects Support include Research Design, Research Planning, Grant Proposal Writing, Sampling Design, Data Analytics and Report Writing. Our researchers and consultants will closely […]
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Interpret Odd Ratio
How to interpret odd ratio? It is a frequent question that we receive and is asked from our freelancers through emails and social media groups. Today, we will simplify the trick to interpret odd ratio obtained from a Logistic Regression model that we can estimate using Stata, SPSS or Eviews. The estimation process would not […]
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Write PhD Thesis
Write PhD Thesis effectively by learning how to plan it effectively. The following infographic illustrates the key process and tips shared by our top freelancers and professors based on their experience of mentoring PhD students over the past decade. Request PhD Thesis Mentorship Here. The following infographic and the detailed explanation at the end highlights to […]
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Grant Proposal Writing
Request Support For Grant Proposal Writing and Research Report Writing From Top Freelancers, Professors and Research Consultants at AnEc Center for Econometrics Research. We provide complete research support for levels of projects. You can request complete project support or partial assistance in questionnaire development, data collection, sampling framework, analytics or writing the final reports. Why […]
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Cracked Stata 15
We recommend not to download Cracked Stata 15 as this has a severe consequences for your machine. There is a very huge tendency and social media groups activity where the cracked Stata 15 version has been requested and shared. This has put some malicious and ill intended internet users put to create fake website links […]
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Independent Financial Regulators
Independent Financial Regulators is the list of authorities managing financial sector and the views of independence is prepared based on the LinkedIn group on Financial Economics Association. The views are summarized based on the perceptions of the respondents and does not put any claims from our center or those from the LinkedIn. These views of […]
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Interpret Cointegration Results
How to Interpret Cointegration Results? In this simple tutorial with estimation examples of cointegration in Stata and Eviews and Interpretation is provided. This guide is for beginners in Time Series Analysis. You can Enroll for Advanced Econometrics Course here. The tutorial is written for those learners of cointegration analysis who wish to follow step by step […]
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