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Top Econometrics Freelancer, Applied Econometrics Researcher, Academic Professional and Online Course Provider for PhD students in Economics and Finance
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econometrics freelancer offers

Specialised Research Help and Freelance Data Analysis

Top Econometrics Freelancer offers private research support services to each PhD student, Academic researcher and business professional.
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Data Analysis

Providing complete data analysis to research students and researchers .

Econometric Analysis

Students in Economics and Finance can request help in Econometric Modeling.

Statistical Analysis

Researchers in Business and Social Sciences can request Statistical Analysis of Data.

Thesis Writing Help

PhD students in Finance and Economics can request help in Thesis Writing.
An economist and econometrics freelancer offers

Econometrics Research Support Services

Top Econometrics Freelancer offers specialist research solution in the following areas to academics, PhD and MS students and business organizations.

Data Analysis

Econometrics Freelance from An Economist offers personalized and customized Data Analysis support to PhD students to help them write high impact thesis. We offer help to MS students to write high quality dissertation. We can help academics to write publishable research articles while we support business organizations to write industry reports.. 
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Thesis Writing Mentorship

If you are a PhD student in Economics, Finance, Business, Management and Social Sciences, we can provide complete thesis writing mentorship. Our expert academics and highly capable professors regular mentor PhD students and help them write high impact research reports. If you need support, we will provide private thesis writing mentorship. 
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Survey Data Analysis

We provide private research support to PhD students and MS graduates in analysis of Survey Data for business, management and social sciences research. Academics and business organizations can request complete survey data analysis to write academic articles for publications or predictive models and writing business reports. 
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Business Intelligence

Today, most of the advanced business organizations relay on data driven strategies enforced by results from predictive models and forecasting. Top Econometrics Freelancers from An Economist offers complete data analysis, predictive modeling and forecasting solution to help business organizations get the latest data driven reports. 
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Syed Moeen Raza

MS Project Management

Moeen has graduated from a nationally ranked university in Pakistan. He has been helping researchers in Business, Finance, Management and Project Management. He has strong experience in Data Analysis and Writing effective research reports.

Muhammad Anees

Senior Econometrics Freelancer

Well known econometrics specialist and professor in a nationally recognized university with more than 12 years of experience in academic research and teaching research graduates in Econometrics, Statistics and Quantitative Analysis in the area of Economics.

Muhammad Moiz

MS International Finance and Trade

Muhammad Moiz completed BBA from Pakistan and then did his MS in International Finance and Trade from Turkey. He has expert level skills in Data Analysis and Research Writing. He has been helping researchers for the last 4 years.

An Economist Offers Online Courses

Online Courses in Econometrics and Research Are Private and Instructor Led Modules by Professor Anees and all courses are through HD Video Conference and recorded.

Multivariate Analysis

Enroll for private and instructor led course in Multivariate Analysis and be proficient in Survey Data Analysis to write effective business and academic papers and business research reports.
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Econometric Modeling

Econometric Modeling is specialized module for the PhD students in Economics and Finance. The course helps PhD scholars to develop high level skills in Econometrics Research. 
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Thesis Writing Mentorship

Request thesis writing mentorship from top econometrics freelance on AnEconomist freelance marketplace. The research support is 100% guaranteed and completed in time.
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Testimonials and Feedback

Top Econometrics Freelancer has helped more than 700 students, academics and organizations. See a sample of feedback on his work done from a few clients here.
Theconometrician was an excellent colleague on this project. He is a EXTREMELY knowledgeable about a wide variety of statistical topics and packages. His turnaround time was perfect and he is highly responsive and also adaptable. He made some suggestions and alterations to my own project plan which improved it immeasurably. I highly recommend this professional for future statistics and econometrics-related work.
econometrics freelancer
Professor Allan
Mount Royal University, Canada
Anees is an expert in statistics he is very knowledgable and very responsive and very patient. I am absolutely statisfied with his work. He is a very good teacher and can explain difficult statistical questions in an easy way. I would recommend him to every colleague or friend who has statistical questions.
Professor Caroline
St Gallan University, Switzerland
Anees did another excellent job! He is very communicative, and able to help in every way. Anees produces a very high caliber of work and is very well versed in Econometrics, Big data, Data anlysis, and modern technologies such as Rstudio, Eviews, and Stata. I highly recommend him for any data work you may have.
Ameri Goves
PhD Economics, UK

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